Best Local Restaurants in Wichita Kansas

When you visit an area, you have to try out their cuisine. This helps you to have a taste of the culture, pun intended. Before you make the visit, you should do some preliminary research on the best restaurants to dine in. you can read reviews and scroll through the restaurants’ online menus for an idea of what to expect once you make the visit. This makes it easier to find some great food since you will not be settling for the nearest restaurant just because you are in the town and hungry. It also gives you a chance to sample more local food except for what is served in the hotel you might be staying in.

The best local restaurants in Wichita Kansas include but are not limited to:


Located on 129 North Rock Island, the Public is one of the favorites when it comes to eateries and restaurants in Wichita. The eatery offers contemporary American dishes and ensures that the ingredients are sourced locally from farmers in the area. The eatery also works with local brewers to maintain the same idea for their drinks as well. One of the factors making the restaurant popular is the fact that it shares the same address with one of the best live music venues, that is, the Brickyard.

The Monarch

The Monarch is located on 579 West Douglas Avenue which is in the Delano District, a historic area in Wichita. It provides customers with great tasty food such as sandwiches and salads among others. You can also enjoy some drinks, including signature cocktails that have only recently been introduced. The restaurant has a laid-back feel to it, allowing people to enjoy relaxed and casual dining.

Hangar One Steakhouse

Located on 5925 West Kellogg Drive, Hangar One Steakhouse is just a distance away from Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. As the name suggests, it is a hangar-like building. The restaurant was started as a tribute to the fact that Wichita is considered the Midwest’s aircraft capital. One of the most impressive things about the menu, apart from the tasty food, is the airplane-themed name assigned to each dish.

Siena Tuscan Steakhouse

The Siena Tuscan Steakhouse is located in The Ambassador Hotel on 104 South Broadway Street.  The restaurant is a relatively new addition and offers Italian cuisine, specifically focusing on Tuscany. The restaurant has some great décor which creates a palatable ambience. Additionally, there is some great food to choose from on the menu.

Bella Luna Café

Bella Luna Café is located on 4618 East Central Avenue although the restaurant has two more locations in the city. The café offers contemporary American cuisine with a touch of some Mediterranean aspects. This is one of the favorite local eateries and it has won a good number of awards from The Wichita Eagle including the Reader’s Choice Best Mediterranean award numerous times.


With these restaurants, you can never go wrong in Wichita. You have the option to enjoy some contemporary American or Italian cuisine while you are in the area visiting.


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