Best Hotels in Wichita KS

When you visit a new area, the first thing is to see the tourist attractions and the various activities that you can engage in while you are in the area. The next step is always to sample the food and drinks from the area. You may have food at the hotel but you want to ensure that you get to experience the cuisine in the new place. If you are new to Wichita Kansas, whether on a short trip or you just relocated, these are some of the top rated restaurants in the area. They include:

Ambassador Hotel

The Ambassador Hotel is favored by many visitors. It is located on South Broadway Street which is convenient for touring. It is close to the Old Town area where there is a Farmers’ market every Saturday. Additionally, it is near the Orpheum Theater. The Ambassador Hotel has nice rooms that are large, spacious and comfortable. The hotel also has a 24-hour fitness gym which you can use at your convenience. Furthermore, you can enjoy some room service and all this is at a reasonable cost. It is  4-star hotel while customers have given the hotel a 4.3 star rating.

Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt Regency is located off Highway 54 in Wichita. It is close to a number of entertainment spots such as the Music Theater and the Exploration place. The hotel offers airport transportation during certain hours. In addition to all this, you get to enjoy amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center and two hot tubs. This 3.5-star hotel is also highly rated by customers who also leave great reviews on different travel sites.

Marriott Overland Park

The Marriott Overland Park is located on 10800 Metcalf Avenue. It has an indoor pool, a fitness center and a spa tub. There are various amenities such as a snack bar and a coffee shop within the premises. You can enjoy any of these services as a guest in the hotel. This is a 3.5 hotel and you can host some conferences or business meetings in the special rooms within the establishment. Visitors have rated the hotel at 4 stars.

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel

The Double Tree by Hilton Hotel is located on 2098 Airport Road. The hotel has fast internet in public places and a bar where you can enjoy a drink and socialize. In addition to this, there are other public amenities such as a spa tub and a 24-hour fitness center where you can work out and unwind. The 3.5 star hotel is highly rated by customers who have written positive online reviews about the hotel.


If you would like to enjoy high quality accommodation while in Wichita, these are the hotels to stay in. You can compare the prices to see which of these establishments falls within your budget. One trick to enjoy the best prices is to book in advance. These hotels will help enhance your experience in Wichita once you visit, whether it is on vacation or for business.

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